Desperately Seeking Facebook Places On The Blackberry

I’ve been hankering for Places on the Blackberry ever since I heard Facebook’s geolocation service became available on this platform. Some models of the phone come with global positioning systems and wireless Internet access that you pay a bit extra for so you can, among other things, get Facebook Places.

I had to add a GPS subscription, for $9.99 a month in order to get Places working — my carrier, Verizon, calls its geolocation platform the Navigator. This comes on top of the wireless Internet access I already selected with my monthly service package. But here’s the thing: I still haven’t gotten Places to work yet. It’s only been available for a week, so these kinds of things are to be expected.

So when I read an article today claiming that it’s possible to spoof your location using the Blackberry version of Facebook places, well, I had to reread several times. Then I called Research in Motion, which of course denied that such spoofing could occur. The newness of it all leads me to believe that anything resembling a bug is temporary and likely to be worked out.

Anyway, I had to upgrade my cell plan, download and install version 1.9 verion of Facebook for Blackberry, then install Verizon Navigator. Finally, after rebooting my Tour, I was delighted to see the Places icon appear on the Blackberry version of Facebook. But when I clicked on it, I got a message saying the server wasn’t available.

So I went for a walk around the neighborhood to see whether I could pick up a signal, again being patient about things because I know urban areas sometimes have intermittent cell phone reception. I also tried playing around with the settings and permissions. But alas, I still can’t get Places on my Crackberry. RIM’s spokespeople have said they can get the application to work just fine, and they’ve promised to email me materials that might help me figure out whether there’s something else I’m missing. I can’t wait.

In the mean time, readers, have any of you had success getting Facebook Places to work on a Blackberry, and if so, which model? Would you switch phones in order to get this service?

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