Desperate Housewives Caught Smuggling iPads In China

A group of housewives tried to fight the law, and the law won in China. How much were they paid to for their walk on the wild side?

A group of Chinese housewives is taking desperation to a whole new level, and giving the Wisteria Lane wives a bit of competition. A group of 14 Chinese wives have been detained by the Chinese government for smuggling in goods from Hong Kong, and the goods had a lot of Apples.

What exactly were they caught bringing into the country? The fourteen women were caught with iPads and mobile phones – a total of eighty-five iPads and three hundred and forty mobile phones to be exact. One woman smuggled in sixty-five phones attached to her waist, and approximately another twenty were found in her handbag. How in the world did she do it? An even better question is why would she do it?

Could it be for the money? No, not with the amount these women were paid. That makes you ask how much these women were paid now, doesn’t it? That amount is where the desperation comes in. The fourteen Chinese women were paid about 200 yuan, which translates to $30 dollars in US currency.

It is amazing the women were willing to follow through on the smuggling with such little reward. Of course being housewives instead of known smugglers, they probably had the chance of going through and evading detection, but that did not happen here obviously.

Why were these women bringing in the iPads and mobile phones? The new iPad with 3G is not allowed in the country due to a new law, and even standard iPads are heavily taxed. Smuggling them in avoids any taxes and increases the margins for the sellers.

Foreigners traveling into China are taxed for their iPads when they come into the country, just for carrying them. What does China have against the 3G iPad? The Wi-Fi version is already sold in the country. All China is doing by putting these taxes in place is causing more crime in their country and forcing desperate women to break the law.

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