10 Little Known Facts About Denver Facebook Users

Located between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains, you will find Colorado’s state capital, Denver. The Mile-High City, named because of its elevation about sea level, is known for its unpredictable weather and picturesque scenery. It is the hometown of an abundance of sports teams, a few national restaurant chains and breweries, and notable universities just to name a few. We’ve researched Denver’s Facebook users and have found some interesting little known facts about them. You can read our findings below.


The Denver area has about 1,815,140 Facebook users. Women account for about 55% of the profiles in the Mile-High City. Overall, about 28% of Denver’s Facebook users are in their twenties.


NFL hometown team the Denver Broncos have over 104,400 supporters on Facebook. Fun fact, the team’s cheerleaders have an additional 20,000 fans.
The Denver Nuggets take to the NBA court with over 79,000 Facebook fans. What’s with the rumor that star forward Carmelo Anthony wants out of the city?

Winter Fun

Denver is known for its unpredictable weather. Bordering the Rocky Mountains, the city does have a large snowfall total each year. As a result, it has some unbelievable skiing and snowboarding trails. Denver has 54,000 fans of snowboarding fans and 35,000 skiing fans. Who’s looking forward to hit the slopes?


The University of Denver has 38,940 graduates in the United States. Out of those graduates, almost half still live in the Denver area. The school has over 3,300 students currently enrolled.
The University of Colorado’s Denver campus has 33,220 grads spread throughout the US. Over 21,000 of these graduates still reside in Denver. The school also has over 2,800 students currently enrolled.


It is refreshing to see the support of the local media in Denver. The city’s newspaper, the Denver Post, has a strong following on Facebook with over 21,000 dedicated readers. Denver Magazine also has almost 3,000 fans on the site.


The Fray is rock band that everyone has heard on the radio at least one, maybe even without knowing. The band calls Denver home, and The Fray have over 15,000 fans in the state. Now if I could only get their last single out of my head for a minute.


The Coors Brewery is located about 20 mile outside of Denver. The beer has about 900 fans. A little bit further away is the New Belgium Brewery. New Belgium has over 23,800 fans on the site.


Denver is the original location and headquarters for a few nationally known restaurant chains. The Chipotle Mexican Grill started in the city, and it has about 42,000 fans on Facebook. Burger restaurant Smashburger originated in Denver as well, and has over 1,900 hometown fans. Those Smashfries are sounding pretty good right now.


Denver is the 24th largest city in the country, and the city’s Facebook users are loyal to their hometown customs. The strong support of the local media outlets is great to see. As the city continues to grow, I look forward to Denver maintaining its sense of hometown pride.