Dennis PR Using Crain’s and Craigslist?

Lets face it, people don’t pay attention to all of their emails, especially those from PR people. There are many crafty, and not so crafty ways to up your email response rate.

Here is one we wouldn’t recommend. Dennis PR has been sending out emails with the subject line, “Craig New York Bus,” to promote their “New York Business Hall of Fame,” apparently hoping readers will confuse the email as affilated with Craig’s List or Crain’s NY Business.

According to the NY Times:

The organization was started by Ron Dresner, the president of the Dennis PR Group, a public relations firm based in West Hartford, Conn., who said the coincidence in names was unintentional. The e-mail message, he said, had been sent by an assistant, Craig King, and the group had registered New York Business Hall of Fame with the state.

“We’re in our own little world sometimes,” Mr. Dresner said. “Because we’re a P.R. firm, we’re always promoting.”

Is it just me, or did that quote do little to explain anything?