DeNA’s Go Go Ghost speeds onto iOS

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DeNA has announced the release of Go Go Ghost on iOS devices. The mobile running game sees users completing levels by jumping over gaps, collecting coins and gems, defeating enemies and more in a quest to save their hometown from monsters.

Each level in Go Go Ghost offers a different goal, like collecting a certain number of coins / points or defeating a large number of enemies. Gamers earn a single star for completing the base requirement, but can earn up to two more for going above and beyond the call of duty. For instance, if a level asks gamers to earn 500 points, the second and third star could be earned at 1000 and 1500 points, respectively.

Players spend energy to access levels, and can replay these stages to earn more coins or missed stars. A variety of power-ups and helpful monsters are available in each, to make finishing tasks easier. A tornado, for instance, pushes players 500m forward, while also collecting all coins in the path. A shield, meanwhile, protects gamers from an ongoing projectile or another obstacle.

Monsters are a bit more complicated, and introduce a collect-them-all mechanic to the title. Users start with two monsters, and can purchase additional monsters for their collection using coins or premium currency. These monsters are assigned randomly, so users will need to spend plenty of time with the game (or plenty of money) to unlock them all. During levels, monsters activate their own power-ups, and collect gems that appear from fallen enemies.

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“Players will have a great time clobbering monsters and interacting with the whimsical characters in Go Go Ghost,” said Keisuke Kamijo, producer at DeNA. “The game’s intuitive controls and colorful creatures sets it apart from any other game; we’re proud to give players a fresh and invigorating take on this genre.”

Go Go Ghost is available to download for free on iOS. An Android version is now in development, and interested players can sign up to be notified upon its release.

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