DeNA launches competitive match-three puzzle game World of Thingies on iOS


Mobile game developer and publisher DeNA has announced the launch of its latest game on iOS devices, World of Thingies. Developed by DeNA Vancouver, the match-three puzzle game asks players to complete levels to collect the lost “Thingies” that were stolen by the evil Bossy Badsacks.

The game sees players traveling throughout the world of Landiland, completing fast-paced single-player boss levels, as well as multiplayer matches against other real-world opponents. In each game, players have up to three rounds to defeat their opponents, by earning more points in each timed round than the other player.

The match-three gameplay sees players swiping to make matches of three or more like-colored symbols, with matches of four or more creating special power-ups on the board. These may clear all symbols of a single type, or clear all symbols in a single row or column (or both). The faster players make matches, the more combo points they’ll earn, until they eventually unlock a temporary blitz-style power-up, where future matches causes explosions on the board.

Players have a team of six Thingies with them at all times. These Thingies are colorful cartoon creatures, which can be fed meat (the game’s free currency) to become stronger. Players can also collect new Thingies as they play, replacing old or useless team members to create the best team possible. Each Thingie has its own skill, which is activated by making matches with certain colors of symbols in each game.

World of Thingies is available to download for free on iOS devices, and offers in-game achievements and Facebook connectivity for a personalized social experience. You can see how the game stacks up against its competition on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.