Facebook Kills The Defriended iPhone Application

On Tuesday, Dennis Harrison released a new iPhone application that lets Facebook users view those friends who’ve recently removed them as a friend. Let’s be honest, getting removed as a friend happens to the best of us. There have been a number of applications on the web that have let users know when their friends remove them, however Facebook has not approved of these applications for obvious reasons. Since launching on Tuesday, Facebook has gone ahead and disabled the application.

While we all would like to know those individuals who are removing us as friends, Facebook knows that such applications create an immense amount of drama and can result in users associating negative emotions with the service. For that reason among others, Facebook has decided to shut down the service. I just paid $0.99 for the application since I didn’t know it was disabled at the time but it’s pretty clear that Facebook has since shut it down.

If you really want to know which of your friends have removed you as a friend, you are better off using the Facebook friend checker greasemonkey script which Facebook can’t block. Any service which attempts to use Facebook’s API for the purpose of notifying users about those friends who’ve defriended them are typically banned. Yes, being unfriended is extremely commonplace.

In fact it’s so common that we wrote our Facebook unfriend recovery guide after finding out that the New Oxford American Dictionary officially added the term last year. While you may really want to know which of your friends are unfriending you, don’t pay $0.99 for the defriended iPhone application because it doesn’t work anymore!!

In regards to Facebook disabling the application, this developer violated section 2 of the Facebook Platform developer agreement which states “you must not notify a user that someone has removed the user as a friend.”