Definition 6 Helps Coke Video Garner 700k Views

When brand marketers ask an agency to create a “viral video” the response is often that viral is a result, not a strategy, and that the brand should just focus on creating good content.

One agency seems to have done just that, with a video for Coke titled the “Coca-Cola Happiness Machine.” As of today, the video has more than 700,000 views on YouTube.

Shot on the campus of St. Johns University in Queens, NY, the video shows a Coke vending machine spitting out random items such as free bottles of Coke, flowers, and a whole pizza.

Atlanta-based interactive agency Definition 6 created the video. The footage is “all real students and real reactions,” Christy Amador, digital marketing manager, Coca-Cola global interactive marketing told MediaPost. It is all part of Coke’s “Open Happiness” global marketing campaign.

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