Data Points: Who, Watch, Where, Web

Facebook, Tudou deep in the stream

YouTube’s reported push last week toward deals with major movie studios—in the manner of Netflix and Hulu—is only the latest highlight of how competitive online video delivery has become.

YouTube still dominates measures like total visitors and number of video streams delivered, while Netflix naturally claims the hours-per-month title. But in a couple of other categories, it’s the upstarts who truly stand out. 

Facebook’s live service, for example, has risen with a bullet to number three in the uniques rank since its debut last August. Meanwhile China’s YouTube equivalent, Tudou, has already outpaced YouTube in the number of hours per month spent by visitors on the site.

For that they can thank the popularity of phone viewing among mainland office workers, who suffer through some of the longest commute times in the world.




US Audience for Online Video  Millions
2011 158
2015 196
Note: Those who watch online video at least once per month. Includes streaming and downloads on all devices.  
Source: eMarketer, February 2011  

Where do they watch: Video sites by visitors, streams and time spent

Site Unique Viewers, '000, March 2011
YouTube 111,860
VEVO 33,253
Facebook 31,885
Yahoo! 26,016
MSN/Windows Live/Bing 15,972
Hulu 12,315
Source: The Nielsen Company  


Site Total Streams, '000, March 2011
YouTube 8,166,713
Hulu 810,594
VEVO 383,274
MSN/Windows Live/Bing 259,334
Yahoo! 203,292
Netflix 201,557
Source: The Nielsen Company  


Site Time Spent Per Viewer, hours:minutes, March 2011
Netflix 9:53 8:30
Hulu 5:13 2:58
Megavideo 3:35
YouTube 2:20
Source: The Nielsen Company