Mike Chapman

Come the Cord Cutters

There is no doubt that Americans are watching more and more TV shows online, but how close are they to cancelling their cable service and going Web only? In our latest Adweek/Harris Interactive poll more than half of the respondents said they had some interest in making the move.

Nielsen Announces New Approach to Online Ad Measurement

Online advertising still struggles to meet its long-promised levels of targeting and measurability. Solutions to the targeting problem continue to emerge, moving on from ad networks to demand-side platforms and real-time exchanges. Now Nielsen is addressing the measurement part of the problem.

Ad of the Day: Stella Artois

There is a tradition in European beer advertising whereby spots—and even entire campaigns—center around heartfelt tales of young love, usually set in an achingly beautiful European city. As it opens, this new Stella Artois spot, "Respect," by Mother London, feels exactly like it is going to be one of those.

Ad of the Day: Old Navy

Advertising has to contain cultural references in order to connect with audiences. It's a testament to the influence of the industry in modern society that those references are often to commercials themselves. Or is it? Two new online spots from Camp + King for Old Navy are dripping with allusions to TV-commercial styles everyone will recognize.

Celebrities Moving Product? Not So Much

American consumers insist that they are not swayed by celebrity endorsements. When asked by Adweek/Harris Interactive what their response is when a product or service is endorsed by a celebrity, more than three-quarters answered that it has no impact on their intent to buy. Just 4 percent said it makes them more likely to purchase.

Fighting for Attention

If there wasn’t already enough proof that the old boob tube is under assault from the home computer: Three-quarters of respondents to the most recent Adweek/Harris Interactive poll confirmed that they have watched a TV show online, and nearly 70 percent have watched a show online before watching it on an actual television.

Ad of the Day: Lipton Ice Tea

DDB London delivers a feel-good factor by the bucketful in this new spot for 100 percent Natural Lipton Ice Tea. From the chaos and dirt of a city street drowning in construction and traffic, a woman emerges and ends up on the open road on the back of her friend's motorbike, zooming off into the beautiful countryside.

Ad of the Day: Intel

Sometimes it feels like the anthemic, big-production, "Look at who we are and what we do" spot is a thing of the past. Of course, it isn't. It certainly lives on in the short movies that brands occasionally make to yell to the world.

Adding Up the Oprah Effect

Oprah Winfrey ended her broadcast TV career last week and with it goes one of the show's mainstay's, Oprah's Book Club. According to Nielsen/Bookscan, recommendations from the outgoing host over the last 10 years have helped sell 22 million Oprah-branded special editions.

Tablets on the Go?

Tablets are for consumers who want content on the go, right? Wrong. When asked by Nielsen about when they use tablets, respondents' top answers were "while watching TV" and "while lying in bed." Just one in five said while commuting, making it slightly less popular than the bathroom as a venue.