Ad of the Day: Lipton Ice Tea

DDB London's light and breezy ride is weighed down by taglines

DDB London delivers a feel-good factor by the bucketful in this new spot for 100 percent Natural Lipton Ice Tea. From the chaos and dirt of a city street drowning in construction and traffic, a woman emerges and ends up on the open road on the back of her friend's motorbike, zooming off into the beautiful countryside. But not, of course, until she has taken a healthy swig of Lipton's. The tea has a magical visual effect, turning her transparent and allowing us to see the goodness of tea floating round inside her. The effect is powerful, enhanced by a vigorous soundtrack, and the message is delivered clearly that the "naturalness" and purity of the drink can deliver a boost that you will really notice. It all works extremely well, and will even bear the repeat viewings it will inevitably get as it plays over and over again in prime time. But there is one nasty aftertaste—tagline overkill. At the end of the spot, as the couple ride off into the sunset, the line "You are what you tea" appears. The line itself is a little strange because it doesn't really reflect what we have just seen. But then another screen appears with the Lipton logo and another line, "Drink positive." Neither is the best line ever written, and they clash with each other fairly brutally. The viewer ends up thinking, "Should I be what I tea, or should I drink positive?" Either would have done the job on its own. As it is, the doubling up weighs the spot down—in contrast to the lightness it intends.


Client: Lipton

Agency: DDB, London

Spot: "You Are What You Tea"

Creative Director: Nick Bell

Art Director: Michael Brigdale

Producer: Lucinda Ker

Production Company: Sonny London Productions

Director: Emil Moller

Executive Producer: Helen Kenny

Producer: Alicia Richards

Editorial Company: Peepshow

Editor: Amanda Perry

Post/Effects Company: Absolute Post U.K.

Lead Flame Artist: Phil Oldham

Computergraphics: Jamie White, Richard Nelson

Executive Producer: Andrew Swepson

Producer: Dan Bennett

Telecine Company: Company 3

Shoot Location: South Africa