Data Points: What, Me Unplug?

Just two in five adults say they will vacation this summer

Turns out we're a nation of workaholics.

Just 40 percent of American adults plan on taking a vacation this summer, and of those, nearly half say they will do some work. Chances are, if you're reading this on a screen, you're trapped in a cube under a halogen glare. Maybe we're just feeling fortunate to be gainfully employed right now. But apparently relaxation’s been outsourced.

A full 80 percent of us who do manage to flee will bring some sort of tech gadget along with us on vacation; half of us will lug along a laptop. According to a new Adweek/Harris poll, bringing a tablet computer makes us much more likely to do some work on our break.

Protip: Mitigate your workaholic tendencies by having an e-reader handy. Respondents say it makes them much more likely to read for fun.

Illustration: Carlos Monteiro