Brian Braiker

Questlove’s Other Drumsticks

The Roots' drummer Questlove recently supplied both beats and wings at Bon Appétit's new kitchen/party space to celebrate the launch of his locally sourced buttermilk fried chicken catering startup, Quest Loves Food.

The Blanding of America

One of the most indelible and enduring images of the 2008 presidential campaign was candidate Barack Obama's logo: a simple, clean, blue "O" rising like a sun above a prairie of receding red stripes. The design was instantly iconic, evoking hope, change, and a new dawn--all major themes of the Illinois senator's campaign.

Bands vs. Brands

Music-driven tension has enhanced countless commercials and trailers on-screen. But off-screen? Far too often, when artists, advertisers, and creative executives all get in the same room together, no one wants to relinquish any control.  Call it bands versus brands. "There's an inherent lack of cooperation and real equality," Marc Schiller, CEO of Electric Artists and co-founder of the Wooster Collective, said at the "Voices in Their Heads" panel Monday. "The best projects are a win-win for both. So often music can be the hook to the visuals."  Any music fan at some point has fantasized about being a music supervisor—pairing the perfect song with a piece of video content like some kind of audio sommelier. But James Cooper, chief creative innovation officer at JWT, told the audience Monday that it's still an evolving space. "I can see that growing if people give up control a little bit," he said.

The Next Great American Consumer

Jenny Gill was in New York’s Cornell Weill hospital earlier this year for the birth of her son, Jack, when a photographer stopped by to take snapshots of the mother and newborn. The practice is common in hospitals, but what the photographer did next surprised Gill.

Data Points: Media Rich

Traditional media may have a little life left in it yet, despite anything you may have heard online.

Pretty Tasty

Ever wondered how the dishes featured in food magazines always look so good? We did. So we asked Hunter Lewis, food editor at Bon Appétit, for a behind-the-scenes tour of his test kitchen. The mission: to see how the delicious-looking chicken biscuit recipe from BA’s September issue would look without any styling. The surprising result? Totally scrumptious.

American Apparel Snubs Contest Winner

American Apparel is throwing some weight around. The hipster fashion house concluded a plus-size model search titled "The Next Big Thing" last week but is refusing to grant a contract to the top vote-getter, Dallas student Nancy Upton.

A Plus-Sized Model Search Gets Punk’d

When American Apparel launched its plus-sized model search (with the somewhat tone-deaf title “The Next BIG Thing”), it got more than it bargained for in Nancy Upton.

Fast Chat: Steve Stoute

How did hip-hop specifically rewrite the rules as you see them?

Data Points: What, Me Unplug?

Turns out we're a nation of workaholics.