Dallas Morning News Reporter: PR Email Straight to The Junk Folder

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Last time we caught up with Dallas Morning News Airline Biz blogger Terry Maxon he was busy telling PR people to stop pitching him private jets. He gets it, and is not interested.

This Sunday, Terry blasts out another warning: pitch wisely, or get sent straight to his “delete” folder. Email programs are a beautiful thing, and many of them allow you to create “rules” with certain email addresses to automatically send them to a specific folder in your email client. Nothing new there.

Well, after receiving pitches including, “Leprechauns are the New Elves – Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Online,” Terry has increased the number of “straight to delete” PR email addy’s to approximately 300. And keep in mind this is the aviation and airlines reporter for the Dallas Morning News. Just imagine what a Today Show producer deals with. So, next time you’re about to hit “mail merge,” think twice before doing so.