Daily Celebrity Crossword Developer PuzzleSocial Raises $3M in Series A Funding

Daily Celebrity CrosswordDaily Celebrity Crossword developer PuzzleSocial has announced it has raised $3 million in Series A funding, in a round led by KiwiTech. The round also included new investments from all seed stage investors, including former HBO president Thayer Bigelow and Mark Wachen of Upstage Ventures, among others. According to the developer, the Daily Celebrity Crossword app is currently the No. 1 grossing digital crossword app, and mixes traditional crossword gameplay with social features for a modern approach to the puzzle genre.

Daily Celebrity Crossword features daily themes for its puzzles, like “Movie Monday,” which may see the puzzle’s longest answers relating to a current blockbuster in theaters. PuzzleSocial promises players will only see puzzles themed around “the latest in pop culture and entertainment,” with no obscure references to trip them up.

“Traditionally, the crossword puzzle market, which is comprised of 50 million unique solvers in the US alone, has been very fragmented – with no one daily puzzle holding mass appeal,” said PuzzleSocial CEO Jeb Balise, in a statement. “The world needs one fun, accessible puzzle that provides quality entertainment for puzzle junkies and casual gamers alike on their mobile device. We make that puzzle and it’s our job to make it fun and fresh 365 days a year.”

The app’s latest update introduced the ability to challenge friends to complete daily puzzles. Users can compete against themselves as well, as they track their best times against daily averages. If users become stuck, they have access to power-ups for revealing answers or picking out incorrect entries, as examples.

“The biggest challenge with investing in mobile games is that they tend to have short life cycles,” added Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech. “Oftentimes they lose popularity just as quickly as they gain it. Daily Celebrity Crossword has successfully demonstrated to us that fresh content solves the retention problem that most games suffer from, and we are confident in this app’s ability to engage its audience on a daily basis for many years to come.”

Daily Celebrity Crossword is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game is also available to play for free on Facebook.