Daily by Buffer Powers Content Discovery and Sharing

Described as “Tinder for content,” Daily by Buffer serves up one curated article at a time. Users swipe left to skip and right to add content to their Buffer queue.


Buffer has made a name for itself as the platform that enables quick and easy social media sharing. All you need is a plugin and you can share whatever you’re reading, directly from the site. But that doesn’t really address the challenge of sifting through the deluge of information available online.

Recently, the folks at Buffer have been releasing features to help users discover content. Last month it was the feeds and suggestions. Today, Buffer released Daily, a new app designed to enable content discovery and sharing.

Described as “Tinder for content,” Daily serves up one Buffer-curated article at a time. Users swipe right to share content and left to skip. Since the app is built on top of the Buffer platform, anything the user chooses to share is added to their Buffer queue for posting to any connected social network.

And the new day brings a new batch of content.

Daily by Buffer is available on iOS today. Unfortunately, it’s not available on Android OS. However, any fans and users of Buffer, who are also Android users should be on the lookout for the Daily app in the near future.