Customer Feedback Cards Go Mobile

You know those customer feedback cards that restaurants or other stores ask you to fill out? According to a new MediaPost report, soon we’ll be able to walk into any Apple, Sony, or Wal-Mart store and provide instant feedback on products via text messages from cell phones. The report said that this is the long-term vision of Glenn Allison, who along with several other Northwestern University graduate students co-founded tech startup Mimieo to develop software applications for marketers.

The idea is to get real-time data efficiently and deliver it to advertisers.”Say you’re in JCPenney’s standing in front of a product you didn’t like,” Allison said in the article. “You have a mobile device in hand that can provide instant feedback to the retailer. It’s unmistakable. There’s no denying that Generation Y wants to share experiences with others.”

By this we’re assuming he means that Generation Y likes social networking services, so by extension they’ll also like social networking-style ads. At any rate, the report said that one recent experiment, an online and mobile poll, asked consumers to rank how well they liked the entertainment value of each ad during the Academy Awards, and whether they were more or less likely to purchase the product after seeing the commercial.