Cuckuu Turns Alarms into Social Experiences on Mobile

The Cuckuu social alarm app allows users to share their alarms with friends and strangers in order to receive inspiration to complete tasks.


Cuckuu, a new app from Ake Ideas, wants to turn alarms and task reminders into social experiences, through a social network allowing users to create alarms and share them with friends and strangers to inspire conversations.

Cuckuu can be used as a standard alarm clock, with completely private reminders and alarms that only one person can view. These alarms can also be shared only with friends, when the item is personal, but doesn’t require complete privacy. For instance, if you’d like to hit the gym every morning, but can’t quite find the motivation, creating a social Cuckuu would see your friends given the chance to post inspiration to help you stick to the plan.

Finally, Cuckuus can be entirely public, encouraging friends and strangers to join small conversations, based on particular interests. These conversations support text messages, as well as photos and links.

Users can search for alarms they’d like to join (either by topic or time), and each user receives Tick-Tocks, or points, for each completed Cuckuu they participate in. This gamified experience includes profiles for viewing another user’s level, as well as in-app achievements for completing specific tasks.

In a statement, Cuckuu CEO, Joao Jesus, commented on the app:

We live in a time where we constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for what is most important to you. This is where Cuckuu steps in. Making Cuckuu a part of a user’s daily routine will help them become more productive, and gain back a few hours that they can then devote to the things they love to do. Cuckuu’s job is to inspire users to get more done during the day and have fun while doing it.

Cuckuu is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.