Crowdstar Moves to Android with Limited Kindle Fire Exclusivity for Top Girl

Crowdstar is making the leap to Android by taking its flagship mobile game Top Girl first to Kindle Fire as a two-week exclusive and then to all Android devices. The female-focused, free-to-play game had been a solid performer for Crowdstar, but has been declining in popularity. It’s now #53 on the top-grossing charts for iOS in the U.S. market.

Top Girl is an almost satirically materialist game where players become women who must work jobs at a modeling agency to earn cash. With their income, they can buy virtual clothes to look gorgeous and attract and care for virtual boyfriends.

The company is following many of its peers like Zynga, Pocket Gems and TinyCo to the Android platform, which has rapidly gained traction this year, surpassing Apple’s iOS in terms of U.S. mobile subscribers, according to data services like Comscore. A few of them have also similarly managed to negotiate deals with Amazon to get an exclusivity period on the company’s hardware products. Ahead of launching the Kindle Fire, Amazon negotiated day one availability for games from Rovio, Gameloft, Zynga and EA.

As for Crowdstar, this fits into the company’s plan to diversify off Facebook and into international markets through the Project Trident initiative. The first phase of that was a partnership with South Korean game portal NHN to bring It Girl and Top girl to Japan, South Korea and China.