Creative Games Dominate This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Only four non-game apps grace this week’s list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users. As is usually the case, that’s not because of a total lack of creative apps — several interesting ones are listed in lower rankings — but because this is a particularly good week for new games.

Here’s the AppData list of 20 apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars703,339+648,046+1,172.02
2.icon The Hardest Game of the World312,682+287,601+1,146.69
3.icon Crazy Cow Music Quiz592,367+282,532+91.19
4.icon Fashion World246,580+245,547+23,770.28
5.icon Gossip262,204+242,740+1,247.12
6.icon Baking Life811,925+230,582+39.66
7.icon Mahjong504,143+196,944+64.11
8.icon – Clicks Racer Challenge292,827+157,271+116.02
9.icon Temple of Mahjong 2466,699+157,098+50.74
10.icon Cute and Sexy399,054+156,197+64.32
11.icon Funfari637,704+146,126+29.73
12.icon Drinks for All!678,268+142,949+26.70
13.icon COLLAPSE!892,149+141,787+18.90
14.icon Millionaire City281,694+140,989+100.20
15.icon Bubble Popp 2377,717+137,065+56.96
16.icon Good and Evil804,658+125,308+18.45
17.icon Who Loves You More191,862+122,389+176.17
18.icon Classic Word Games341,749+116,830+51.94
19.icon Sweet World320,479+111,975+53.70
20.icon Age of Champions600,773+108,297+21.99

EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars places at number one with by far the most significant growth. For those who have somehow escaped the marketing blitz — mainly those of us in the United States — the reason behind Superstars’ steroidal growth is the kickoff today of the World Cup, the premier yearly event for the world’s billions of soccer fans (plus whatever advertising and promotion EA has been doing for the game).

Superstars isn’t the only game in town this week, though. Also worth checking out are Crazy Cow Music Quiz, a trivia game; Fashion World, which has players run a boutique; and Baking Life, which does the same in a bakery (with custom cupcakes!). Check out Inside Social Games for more coverage.

The most interesting app this week, though, may actually be Gossip, at number five. This is a sort of meta-game that involves competitively making up rumors (nasty or not) about your Facebook friends — which of course get shared around, driving up the app’s traffic. The only downside is that its interface is in French, limiting its use to English-language users.

The remaining non-game apps are Cute and Sexy, Drinks for All! and Who Loves You More, which are respectively a percentage generator, gifting app and profile analyzer. The common theme is that they’re all fairly simple, and nothing we haven’t seen before — although that’s not preventing significant growth for the whole group.