Create Events On The Go With QuickVite

Evite MobileEvite has just announced the launch of a mobile event planning service. The new service, QuickVite, “allows users to reach out to a group of friends from either their computer or mobile phone and send out a plan simultaneously via both email and text message.” This is a pretty powerful service. If I had all my friends listed on Evite, it would be even more significant. Unfortunately I don’t have my friends listed so I probably won’t be leveraging the new service.

While I won’t be using the service frequently, I did get a chance to check out the service on my Blackberry and it was simple and easy to use. My initial reaction to this announcement was that Facebook should do the same thing. Facebook’s current event system is extremely powerful and is my primary source for discovering upcoming events. Apparently Evite realizes this and “will launch its QuickVite application on Facebook, offering yet another point of entry and convenience for organizing casual get-togethers.”

The main problem with Evite’s Facebook application will be getting enough users onto the application to make it relevant. It’s a battle that must be fought though because Facebook’s event system is now significantly larger than Evite and all other event scheduling sites on the web. Evite is rapidly becoming less significant and Facebook users have witnessed the power of tying their social graph directly into an event management system.

While Evite is rapidly falling behind, this new service puts their service’s feature set about the competition. If you want to check out the new QuickVite service you can access it on your mobile phone from