Create and Follow Discussions ala Twitter with Utterz

The microblogging niche despite being dominated by Twitter and Friendfeed is still young and certainly has more room for another startup. But with Twitter at the helm, startups who want to break in to this niche must offer something equally useful as Twitter, if not more. And, seemed to have done its homework with its microblogging platform.

Utterz, like Twitter helps you create and follow discussion with friends or new people with similar interests. You can use your mobile phone or compute to create or join a discussion. Whereas Twitter only allows you to post short texts – Utterz pushed this a little bit more by allowing you to “Utterz” using audio, video, pictures and of course text. Even more fun is the fact that you can cross post your Utterz to your other social network profiles.

Once you’ve registered in Utterz, you can immediately start creating messages and posting them as “Utterz” or start answering messages from your friends through your mobile phone. You can do this by:

  1. Call your local Utterz number (712.432.6666 in the US, or click here for international numbers) to record a new utter, listen and reply to other utters.
  2. Send video, pictures and text to for public messages or for private messages. Sending within 10 minutes of recording will match up your video, picture or text with your recording.

To view messages sent to your Utterz profile, you can either login using your PC or visiting using your mobile phone browser.

Utterz also support cross-posting to other online community/sites including Blogger, Livejournal, Flickr and many more.

If Twitter is not around, would have made it big as soon as it is launched. But with Twitter leading the rat race for microblogging platform supremacy, it would be hard for Utterz to catch up. Twitter has become the standard/benchmark for microblogging and fortunately can easily pass that standard. But the problem is, no matter how powerful and richly featured it is, we cannot discount the fact that it is still a Twitter “wannabe”, “clone”, “competitor”. But the good news is, it’s a better wannabe/clone/competitor.