Create A Twitter Poster For Your Tweet Obsessed Friends (Or Yourself!)

What do you get for someone who is completely obsessed with Twitter? This poster is a good place to start.

Coming to you from FireBox, the Twitter Poster is a self-portrait made up of your Twitter profile picture and your latest tweets.

Described as a poster “packed with all of your insights, musings, recommendations, shout-outs and more, it’s the most insightful, immediate and revealing self-portrait you could ever own.”

The poster collects tweets to fill a 61 x 61 cm space, and displays them against a black background and colored like your profile picture, in a font size of 18pt. This means that up close you’ll be able to read each and every insightful thing you’ve tweeted over the past while, but from far away you’ll see your profile picture.

You can personalize your own Twitter Poster on the FireBox website. And because the tweets are public, you can grab Lady Gaga’s Twitter poster, too. Any celebrity is free game, as long as their tweets are public (and most are).

The public nature of the tweets used for this poster also means that you can create a Twitter Poster for your friends, family and coworkers, too. So if you know anyone who simply can’t get enough of Twitter (and themselves!), why not whip up a Twitter Poster for them to hang on their wall?

Of course, it’s a little vain to want to hang your own Twitter profile pic and those pearls of wisdom you tweeted over the past few months on your wall, but isn’t there just a little bit of vanity in us all?

(Hat tip: Pocket Lint)