Could You Get You Into This Exclusive Holiday Party for Social Media Elite?

Did you get your invitation to the exclusive social media holiday party happening next week in NYC? If not, you’re probably not influential enough… but there’s always next year!

According to a press release, December 15th will see the first-of-its-kind social media holiday party hosted by Peter Shankman of It boasts that the “movers and shakers of the social media world” will be in attendance, ready to talk social over holiday aperitifs.

As this party is invitation-only, it stands to reason that it would be ultra exclusive. The organizers apparently used Klout scores to measure just how influential their guests are on Twitter (something you can do too). We’re not sure what the cut-off magic number was, but AllTwitter’s score of 60 apparently didn’t make the cut.

Shankman really emphasizes the exclusiveness of this event:

“We’re changing how people are invited to talk about brands and share information. By utilizing the rich analytics of Klout, (,) a site that allows companies to know and interact with the most influential names within their industry, only those most engaged industry leaders will be invited to attend this exclusive event.”

We’ll keep our eye on this holiday bash, and hopefully let you in on which Twitter powerhouses were given the nod to attend.