Chief Political Correspondent Cautions Against Twitter ‘Sizzle’

It can’t be an easy gig being a political correspondent. Particularly not these days.

Just ask the chief political correspondent from Fox News, Ed Henry. He has tangled with presidents – and the public – for a while now. And he has some wisdom to share about using Twitter.

Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) has been on Twitter since September of 2008 – and he has been reporting on politics for a long time.

TVNewser caught up with Henry today in Chicago, and report that “regardless of network affiliation,” Henry says his “professional perspective has not changed.”

Reporters “should be tough but fair” to all public officials, “and that’s what I try to do.”

“I do not take it personally,” he says of the slings and arrows, “because I realize it’s just part of the job. An occupational hazard, I guess. You ask a tough question of the president, you throw him a hardball, you might get one back. I’m fine with that.”

How does he use Twitter on the campaign trail? Take a listen below:

Does your Twitter stream offer any “sizzle?” Maybe you should consider adding some if not (or pulling it back a little, if too much).

(Fire image from Shutterstock)