Copia Aims to Make Reading a Social Experience

Reading has always been a solitary experience, but Copia is aiming to change that with what it calls a “full-service social e-reading platform,” which allows users to create libraries, purchase digital e-books, take notes, highlight passages, share notes, and connect via Facebook, Twitter, and Copia friends.

Copia users can also consult community ratings to help them choose their books, compare libraries with friends, collaborate on notes and highlighting for study groups, and create book clubs.

The platform is currently available for the PC, Mac, and iPad, and versions for the Windows 7 Phone and Android devices are on the way.

Copia Interactive executive vice president Ben Lowinger said:

Some of the most exciting advancements over the past decade have come when a technology redefines an experience people thought they already understood very well. We believe the launch of Copia is one of those moments. Copia embeds community and collaboration directly into the digital experience across multiple content categories.

The first time a Copia user is puzzled by a passage, then finds an insightful comment left in the margin by another Copia user, they’re hooked. If a book is worth reading, it’s worth talking about. Copia is an easy-to-use, powerful, and refreshing twist on reading.

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