Converseon SAE Crashes Fox’s Happy Hour

Here’s a story within a story: See Paull “with 2 Ls” Young’s appearance on the Fox Business show Happy Hour. The Senior Account Executive talked about altruism and honesty when engaging members of social networks and blogodome and the need for brands to forget about old command-and-control tactics.

Converseon’s CEO Rob Key could’ve handled the barside Fox chat himself but let his Youngie SAE take it. The opp came about from Key’s quote in an Ask FSB piece. Paull would get a good grade from a media coach. He looked relaxed and his answers were authoritative and not overly prepped. Converseon again showed its willingness to walk the walk both virtually and in the flesh by sending out a younger ambassador for the company.

Btw: Paull is having his head shaved on March 29th, and it’s not to cure him of an affliction he may have picked up in Fox’s greenroom. It’s social stunt to raise money for charity on St. Baldrick’s.