Controversial Question: What Should Be Done With This Twitter Account?

Just when you thought every great Twitter handle HAS to be taken, someone finds another one that you wish you’d thought of first.

And the folks who found THIS one are asking for your help, as they’re . . . controversial.

No, really – that’s their name: @Controversial. And they’re experiencing an identity crisis. Pity, that. They’re so young to be going through such a thing:

But it’s a good question. A Twitter with such a bold name really needs to live up to it. Here are some possibilities:

Politics from both sides – only sharing the most crazed and controversial tweets from all corners of the United States (or elsewhere. I’m partial to U.S. crazies.)

Teen tweets – not just ANY teen tweets, the most reputation shattering nonsense they can find on Twitter! Tweeted with an @mention to the kids’ moms!

Sports crazies – people who send threatening tweets when their teams don’t win. You know, “those” current or future parents screaming on the sidelines till their eye pops out. Oh and each retweet is accompanied by a reply to the sender saying only “RELAX!”

Wannabes – This account would be pretty subjective, so it may not work, BUT picture a Twitter that retweets all those wannabe gangstas, models (selfies), comedians and so on and lead off each retweet with #Wannabe[insert what they’re trying to be]. THAT would be controversial, hmm? And kind of mean. Now picture me crying because I #WannabeSadAboutIt.

But you tell us: What do you think they should do at @Controversial?

HT: @RunGomez for sharing this controversial plight!

(Image from Shutterstock)