Control Death’s army of the undead in Deadlings


Being Death is hard. That’s the premise behind Artifex Mundi and Nimbi Studios’ upcoming mobile game Deadlings. The Grim Reeper is tired of being lonely, so instead of turning to the living for companionship, he decides to raise an army of the undead to call his own.

In Deadlings, players will guide Death’s zombies through mazes, completing puzzles, avoiding traps and more, all with the goal of training these zombies to throw totally awesome parties to cure Death’s loneliness, or maybe take over the world.

Deadlings is being described as a mix between the challenging side-scrolling platformer Super Meat Boy and yard-defense strategy game Plants vs. Zombies. In each of the game’s 100+ levels, players must send their zombies after collectibles, helping them avoid obstacles by tapping on the screen at the right time.

The game offers different kinds of zombies, like Bonesacks, Creeps, Lazybrains and Stenchers, each with a different way to pass the game’s obstacles.

Deadlings is set for release on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Windows 8 App Store later this year. Check back soon for more, and to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.