Connect with Baseball Sluggers as They Tweet During the Home Run Derby

On the lightest sports day of the year, fans in need of something to get into may be able to take solace in the opportunity to talk to players while they are at the game; sort of. During the Home Run Derby at the annual MLB All-Star Game, players will be tweeting between at bats, as one of the most fun skill competitions in sports takes place.

Major League Baseball is putting a big emphasis on social media this Monday night, as they will allow and encourage players to Tweet during the event, posting pictures and videos.

Jose Bautista will be one of the many players tweeting during the Home Run Derby on Monday

David Ortiz (@davidortiz), Jose Bautista (@JoeyBats19) and MattKemp (@TheRealMattKemp) will be tweeting during the derby. As well, other All-Star participants will do the same, including Heath Bell (@HeathBell21), Gio Gonzalez (@GioGonzalez47), Hunter Pence (@HunterPence9), Brandon Phillips (@DatDudeBP), Gaby Sanchez (@GabySanchez215), Justin Upton (@RealJustinUpton), C.J. Wilson (@str8edgeracer), Howie Kendrick (@HKendrick47) and Joel Hanrahan (@hanrahan4457). @MLB and @MLB_Players will also offer media and updates on the event.

Baseball is also turning to Facebook to offer fans a look into the game that they would not otherwise see on television. and will offer content on the most, if not only, casual day on the baseball calendar.

It would seem that baseball is the perfect sport in which to tweet. There are tense moments followed by lulls and more lulls, and those times in between the action would ideal for tweeting and passing the time.

Tweets during the Home Run Derby will be interesting, but it might not be much more than what is seen and heard on TV, when players are miked as it is, and cameras are everywhere, catching smiles and jokes.

While it is good on MLB to embrace social media for an event that so obviously suits it, forcing players to do so may take away from the honesty and immediacy of a tweet. Surely it will be fun for the players; let’s just hope they can offer as much excitement with their smartphones as they do with their bats.

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