Connect Instantly with People You Meet via Social Networks through SMS

Ok, the title of this post maybe a bit confusing as I got a little confused while reading it. To put it in another way, rmbrME is a new mobile service that lets you send social networking request to people you meet just by sending SMS to their mobile phone. By simply texting their mobile phone number to a special RMBRME number, they will receive an SMS containing links to your social networking profiles.

rmbrME is a free service that harness the power of mobile phone’s SMS sending features to let you connect to people you meet in real life through social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace and others. So, in a way it serves as an intermediary between social network-real life-social network. Ops, was that clearer?

Anyway to make it simpler, here’s how rmbrME works. Say, you meet somebody in the real world. Normally after you asked for a mobile phone number from them, you’ll give out your own mobile phone number. But with rmbrME, you can just tell them that your send your contact infor through their mobile phone. So, the next thing you do is to text their number or email address to “RMBRME (762763)” and the site will send your social network profiles to them. Through their mobile phones or on the web, they can instantly add you as a friend/contact to their own social network profiles or email address book.

Got it? If not, watch this flash video that explains how rmbrME works. Or better yet why don’t you sign up for the service and try it out. It’s a free service, but sending text still incurs you charges from your mobile network carrier.

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