Conflicting Numbers Over Facebook Redesign Arises

This afternoon Compete released statistics which suggests over 60 percent of the users visiting Facebook have viewed the new profile. That would amount to over 60 million users based on Facebook’s post that they had surpassed 100 million users last week. This evening Facebook posted on the company blog that over 30 million people have checked it out. Somehow the numbers don’t add up. We’ll use Facebook’s numbers for now.

What’s the Impact?

The new redesign was expected to cause death and destruction to many applications but somehow there hasn’t been much backlash yet. Perhaps that has something to do with Facebook’s shift to monthly statistics. Are developers staying quiet on the impact of the redesign? Possibly. One large developer I spoke with said that he isn’t bothering to track Facebook profile statistics.

I’m still waiting on another to respond but it’s apparent that the profile tabs have reduced the activity toward applications within profiles. Honestly, I haven’t had any activity within my profile “boxes” since the new Facebook profile launched a couple months ago.

Do Users Like It?

The real question is if Facebook users really like the new site design. suggests that over 40 percent of users are switching back to the old site design. This may be an issue if Facebook plans on switching everybody over to the new design later this month. While exact numbers are unknown it’s clear that not everybody is satisfied. One group protesting the new design which I wrote about earlier this month has grown to over 61,000 members.

While not all users may like the change, the reality is that the uproar has been fairly muted. As a result, expect Facebook to proceed and make the total shift by the end of this month. It’s clear that Facebook is facing some challenges with the new design which is why they published their blog post this evening.