Condé Nast Web Editors Produce Six-Page Ad Insert for Samsung

The separation of church and state was bypassed at Condé Nast, as its Web editorial staff worked on a six-page advertising insert for Samsung that will appear in six of the publisher’s titles and their respective Web sites over the next eight months, Mediaweek reported.
Condé Nast Media Group executive vice president Lou Cona told Mediaweek:

It’s a reverse-publishing idea. We gave dot-com editors the opportunity to have a robust conversation with their readers. Those that were interested ran with it. Even throughout the recession, our integrated marketing was one area that clients wanted to continue to engage in.

But some sources told Mediaweek Condé Nast tasked its Web editors with the insert to avoid angering editors on the print side of its publications. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.