Conan Answers His First Fan Question [Video]

A week ago, Conan O’Brien announced that he would be fielding Facebook fans questions on YouTube. Last night Conan answered his first question, in the second installment of the ‘Conan Takes Your Questions’ series. Did he answer your question? Well, if you are a Facebooker named Lance that asked Conan about his favorite type of sandwich then he certainly did!

Lance’s full question was, “Conan, you probably were able to try a lot of crazy sandwiches on all your time off. What kind of sandwiches did you eat, and which was your favorite?” In his video, Conan not only answers his question, but also gives a demonstration of how to make his favorite sandwich. He also shares a little known fact with fans – when buying your sandwich meat make sure to get the processed kind, not the real stuff because “it’s the processing that makes it healthy.” I don’t know if I would eat Conan’s sandwich…would you?

I’m interested to see what other questions Conan will be answering and how many lucky fans will get their questions answered. On the Team Coco blog they say, “Maybe he’ll pick one to answer next week… Or maybe he’ll pick 100!! You never know, party people… You never know.”

Did you ask Conan a question? What did you ask? I’m still waiting to see if Conan will hang up a picture of my dog in a t-shirt on the wall in his office to spruce things up a bit.