Comscore Stats Paint An Interesting Picture

Earlier today Techcrunch posted some comscore statistics regarding social networks on the web. There are a few interesting numbers that are revealed in the data (as pictured below). As I previously posted, LinkedIn is indeed growing at a faster rate than Facebook. That doesn’t say much though because in absolute numbers Facebook is dominating the social networking space, beating all other sites in growth.

Another interesting statistic is that has almost surpassed all six apart sites in traffic. While WordPress is the most popular open source blog platform, their site which provides hosted blogs only recently launched and is rapidly chasing after Blogger to become the leading blog platform on the web. Confirming data that I presented this morning, traffic has been stagnant. Not a bad time for them to try to get out while they still can!

Finally, Digg has experienced phenomenal growth becoming the fastest growing social network over the past year. I knew that Digg was able to drive traffic but it appears that the Digg effect may have tripled in the past year. Perhaps other social networks should come up with their own equivalents of the “Digg effect.” What do you think?

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