Complete Hidden Object Scenes in Panic Room: Outrage on Facebook

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While most genres have taken a back seat to match-three puzzle games on Facebook, hidden object fans can still try some new options on the platform. One is Panic Room: Outrage, a game that’s described as a “suspense thriller” and a “philosophical parable” in one package. In the game, players are taken to a Victorian mansion, and must explore its rooms to learn more about the mansion’s history in order to escape.

As players begin, they’re introduced to Puppeteer, a demented game master of sorts, who leads them through quests and hidden object scenes. Players can complete hidden object scenes in various rooms of the house, like the kitchen or living room, and have some hints to help them out along the way. For instance, a laser points out one key item from the list.

Each scene is timed, and users spend energy to access each game. Scenes come in multiple varieties, and include those with key items on a text-based list, silhouette hunting scenes and more.

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Players earn mastery points for each scene they complete, which encourages gamers to complete them multiple times, and they can also pick up collectible items that are necessary to access other areas of the mansion or complete quests. Players will meet other trapped victims as they progress, so these items may be necessary to gain another character’s help, for instance.

There’s only one safe room in the mansion, and players can come back each day to receive free items. This room also contains a slot machine, or store, which players can use to purchase first aid kits (energy), key items that complete actions elsewhere in the game, a variety of hints and powers for use during hidden object scenes and more.

While free-to-play, Panic Room: Outrage offers available in-app purchases, which may allow users to skip quest tasks without waiting or purchase premium items in the store, as a few examples.

Panic Room: Outrage is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available on iOS.