Complaints Flood US Navy's Facebook Page Over Use Of "Arabian Gulf"

An unofficial US Navy Facebook page got a good verbal battle going over the use of "Arabian Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf," the term historically used by Iranians.

An unofficial US Navy Facebook page got a good verbal battle going over the use of “Arabian Gulf” instead of “Persian Gulf,” the term historically used by Iranians.

Dozens and dozens of pro-Iranian messages have been posted on the US Navy’s Facebook page after the naval warfare service called the waters off the coast of Iran the “Arabian Gulf.” At the time of this writing, most of those pro-Iranian messages had been deleted from the wall, although the occasional “Persian Gulf FOREVER” comment could still be seen.

This is reportedly nothing like the kind of heated exchange that went on during the last couple of days between US Navy supporters and pro-Iranian backers. The exchanges got so heated, CNN reports, that the Rear Adm. Dennis Moynihan, chief spokesman for the Navy, began “filtering” them. One such message, for example, read: “From thousands years ago this gulf had been persian gulf and it will be forever persian…sorry for americans.” Other pro-Iranian messages, US Navy fans said, had been re-posted 30 times in a day.

In a statement, the Navy said: “…we are aware of the long and proud history of the Persian people. You’ll note we’ve permitted posting of content that supports this point (…) While sharing tasteful content that supports this has been permitted, out of deference to the fans here who expect more from us, we won’t support inappropriate behavior and commentary. We encourage you to post your opinions to other forums better suited for this conversation.”

However, the following kind of messages could still be read on the US Navy’s Facebook page as of today:

– “To the Persians: This is Sparta! thats how seriously i take y’all keep saying “Persian Gulf Forever” it does not pertain to anyone on here FYI your barking up the wrong tree.”

– “LEAVE THIS PAGE ALONE! this is for new recruits and Navy veterans (current and past) to share experiences and answer each others questions. it has nothing to do with your ’cause'”

– “Persian Golf??? Is that a new version of the Volkswagon Golf? Cool!”

The US Navy directs its 21,000+ fans to this article in order to explain the basic discrepancies between Iran and other Arab countries (and the US) in calling that gulf by different names.

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