Compare Colleges Web 2.0 Style

There are a few heavy decisions that most of us make in our lives that stay with us until the very end. Probably the one that requires the most attention is choosing a partner. The one possibly right behind it…choosing a college.

CampusCompare puts a plethora of information at your fingertips. Videos, audio, photos and text help bring you up close to the campus of your choice.Each school (3,000 to date) gets a profile page that includes a summary about the school. From facts to average tuition costs, the site delivers the stats that college seekers are looking for. Users are permitted to notify the CC staff if they find something they disagree with or would like to add.

A neat feature called “What Are My Chances” has potential students input information about their entrance exam scores to help determine the likelihood of getting admitted. (When I clicked on this functionality I was unable to close the window).

Social network features bring the site to the next level. Recent visitors can get their profile featured on the homepage.

Registered users can save schools and organize their search using the dashboard. They can also write a review containing their thoughts about a college.

Whether you’re thinking of getting that degree in Peru, Nebraska or Cambridge, Massachusettes, CC can help you narrow down your search. Head over today to read about financial aid, campus trends, athletics, or ask their experts a question.