Which Companies Have The Most Fake Followers On Twitter? [STUDY]

Last week a little app called Fakers by Status People was launched, allowing anyone to check out how many of their Twitter followers are real and how many are bots, spam or just plain fake.

Business Insider liked the idea of testing for fakers, and took it one step further: they analysed the top companies on Twitter to see which ones were followed by the most fake accounts.

Curious to see which big names in business are all fluff when it comes to Twitter? Read on for the results.

Business Insider looked at the top ten brands on Twitter and added in the top social brands as defined by Twitaholic‘s most-followed list. They then ran the handles through the Fakers app, which focuses on around 10,000 of that account’s most recent follows, to see which brands are tweeting to bots.

Instagram, for instance, isn’t as Twitter-savvy as you’d expect, given that they’re a primarily social photo sharing app (and they’re especially big on Twitter). The company’s Twitter handle has only 61 percent “good” followers, 25 percent inactive followers and 14 percent fake followers.

Playstation fares even worse. Their Twitter account is followed by 15 percent fake accounts, 47 percent inactive ones and just 38 percent real, engaged, active followers.

But the top three companies followed by the most bots will probably be even more surprising.

Facebook comes in third place for this dubious prize with nearly half (47 percent) of all of its followers deemed fake.

But it is Twitter itself that takes the second and first place. Twitter’s English account has 47 percent fake followers and just 17 percent good ones, and Twitter’s Spanish account has a whopping 61 percent fakes and only 8 percent that get the “good” label.

You can see the full list of companies over at Business Insider.

Are you surprised by how many fake accounts are following the top brands on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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