Comcast Fixes Customer’s Private Malfunctioning Modem by Turning it Into a Public WiFi Hotspot

comcastOne Comcast customer, Ronaldo Boschulte, was in for a bit of a surprise after Comcast technicians solved his malfunctioning modem – the internet provider changed his private internet router into a dual system that also provided public wifi for Comcast Xfinity Customers.

When pressed for information, Comcast was hesitant to provide details on the switch, but assured the man (and other customers) that the new set-up would not interfere with his private use. However, it’s unclear how safe the bifurcated network is set up or whether the public hotspot feature would indeed slow down connectivity.For his part, Boschulte does not get compensated for the in-home set-up of a public feature, a feature he would have to pay for in order to access in other locations.

For my current location, San Francisco, this would cost me $49.99 per month. That fee would allow me, or any paying Xfinity customers to access on of Comcast’s 500,000 public hotspots, including the one that was set up in Boschulte’s home. Comcast said the public feature can be turned off at customer’s request, but some are happy to keep the dual service.

In a statement to The Daily Democrat, Boschulte said, “I didn’t know it had a hotspot. That was pretty much a surprise.” But also added that he is “fine with it. I think it is a great idea how to expand their service. I think it is a great way to make the Internet and Wi-Fi available to a large audience.”