Combining mobile and TV ads can boost recall by 69 percent, study finds

Mobile video ad network AdColony and Nielsen have revealed that subjects who are exposed to advertisements for a product on both TV and a mobile device show higher awareness, interest and purchase intent.

In a recent study, AdColony and Nielsen surveyed 400 people, asking them to watch TV for 30 minutes while using either an iPad or an iPhone. During the test, viewers were shown a 15-second TV ad for the movie Contraband. Users who were shown the 15-second ad on the iOS device and TV during the 30-minute period demonstrated 72 percent higher purchase intent and 69 percent higher brand recall than respondents who only saw the TV commercial.

The study also found that of viewers who saw the ad on both the TV and the iOS device, 22 percent said they intended to search for information about the movie, as compared to 4 percent of viewers who said they would search for more information after only seeing the TV ad. Results showed 26 percent of viewers who saw the ad on both screens indicated they would recommend the movie to a friend, as compared to the 10 percent who said they would recommend after only seeing the TV spot.

Although mobile advertising is growing rapidly, most advertisers haven’t tried to incorporate it into campaigns for non-mobile products, as other platforms usually deliver better targeting and messaging options. Movies and real-world rewards platforms are some of the few exceptions to buck the trend so far, but a multi-screen marketing campaign is still no guarantee of performance. The advertising for Disney’s movie “John Carter” included high profile campaign on mobile rewards platform Kiip, but it didn’t prevent the picture from flopping.

While some of results that AdColony and Nielsen are reporting could be attributed to fact that some of the subjects in the study saw the same ad twice within a 30-minute period, the results also indicate consumers might actually pay more attention to advertising if they see it on multiple platforms. According to an earlier study conducted by Nielsen, 40 percent of smartphone and tablet owners have said they use their devices while watching TV, so its likely developers and ad networks will be seeing more complementary mobile advertising campaigns for mainstream entertainment properties.