Most Popular Coffee Brands On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most Popular Coffee Brands On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Coffee is a $70 billion global market, and social media is a fertile brewing ground for brand competition.

Unmetric recently released a Coffee Industry Social Media Report that analyzes social media performance of three major types of java brands: coffee shops, consumer packaged goods, and coffee makers.

Check out the most popular coffee companies on Twitter, and more, below.

Key findings from Unmetric’s Coffee Industry Social Media Report:

– The four most popular coffee roasters on Twitter are: Green Mountain, Nescafe, Illy, and Tullys

– Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has the highest number of tweets per day (32)

– Nescafe has the lowest (1)

– The six most popular coffee shops on Twitter are: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Peets, Seattle’s Best, and Tim Hortons

– Keurig has one of the highest number of replies (900)

Most Popular Coffee Brands On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Unmetric. Coffee photo via palllew / Flickr.)