Coca-Cola’s Latest PR Effort Focuses on Movement

The prevailing public sentiment has been trending towards healthier lifestyles for many years now, so brands that represent less healthier choices—from fast food to soft drinks—have had a difficult PR field to plow.

The public understands what is happening with this latest commercial (above) from Coca-Cola titled “Happiness Is Movement.” Coca-Cola has been under intense scrutiny from parents, health advocates, and even Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, and the brand needs to respond, to say something—preferably something that’s not insulting like, for example, BP proclaiming it loves the environment after years proving otherwise.

Coca-Cola’s PR team is striking a delicate and savvy balance with the public by owning itself and knowing itself. Coca-Cola isn’t a healthy product, and it’s making no such claim. Instead, Coca-Cola is leaning on a concept many similar brands use in their PR campaigns: moderation. Sugared cereals, for instance, can be part of a healthy breakfast— if, bascially, you’re eating a healthy breakfast in addition to your sugared cereal.

Coca-Cola, leveraging this same idea, is perfectly healthy as long as you are moving—and being happy doing all sorts of movements—including making love (0:28 in the commercial). A Coca-Cola after some love making? Why not. It’s healthier than sharing a cigarette.