CNN Wire Store Opens Its Doors

CNNWireLogo.jpgThe CNN Wire Store is open for business. CNN launched its commercial self-service online storefront for its wire stories, making them available for licensing and downloading for $199 apiece for a single use, with payment via credit card.

Users can browse through selected articles, fill a cart for review and download story content on-demand, CNN said.

CNN Newsource Sales—which oversees the network’s relationship with more than 800 affiliates throughout North America, including TV stations and local and regional cable news channels—will support CNN Wire Store.

CNN News Services executive vice president Susan Grant said:

CNN understands the changing business landscape of journalism and the marketplace. The expanded CNN Wire provides an opportunity for a new platform to make CNN Wire stories easily accessible and, for the first time, on a per-story basis to any publisher, anywhere on their own timetable. With the launch of the CNN Wire Store Website, we’ve made our original journalism easily available to other publishers on demand.