CMT Launches Facebook Connect-Enabled Adventure Country Promotion

We seem to be getting more integrated Connect-powered marketing videos as of late with the latest promotion coming from CMT for their upcoming programming block “Adventure Country”. Developed by Campfire NYC, the promotion takes user profile data and integrates it into a 4 minute video clip honoring the individual for the brave acts they’ve committed. It’s a pretty creative video clip and we’ve embedded it below.

If these promotional videos appear to be implemented in a similar fashion to other promotions that we’ve previously highlighted, that’s because the same development teams are building these integrated videos for multiple clients. Campfire NYC was responsible for the Shark Week promotion that we covered last July. However I have to admit that this promotion is probably the most entertaining one I’ve seen to date.

The most challenging aspect of these promotions is that there’s little gaming dynamics and few viral growth components which means that despite the creativity, there’s no guarantee the promotions will drive significant traffic. Given that CMT is probably spending a couple hundred grand through this promotion, they’d probably want to maximize the impact of the videos.

One interesting way would be to build a custom Facebook application that automatically uploads the custom videos to each user’s profile. Then again, developing an automatically generated video is challenging enough in itself (hence the standalone website). Despite the lack of virality, there is plenty of creativity behind the Adventure Country promotion. Check out the video below and head over to the Adventure Country website and click on “Guided Tours” to see your own custom video!