Cloud storage platform Stream Nation adds support for lending movies and TV shows

Image via Stream Nation

Media-focused cloud storage platform Stream Nation has been updated with additional functionality on iOS, and now allows users to lend movies and television shows to their friends and family. This update joins the app’s existing tools, which allow for the storage, streaming and sharing of video, photos and more via the cloud.

The movie and TV update allows users to upload their own movies and TV shows to their private cloud on Stream Nation, and then share that content with friends and family members.

This shared content is only accessible to others via streaming, and the film or TV show is only available to those individuals for 24-hours at a time. The raw content, however, stays in the original user’s private cloud storage, allowing them to access those items via streaming on any device.

“We used to have libraries in our homes to store our photo albums, our movies, music and book collections, and could lend them out to friends or family any time,” said Jonathan Benassaya, Founder of Stream Nation, in a company statement. “With the addition of movies and TV shows, we’re moving closer to helping folks recreate their entire home library online.

“We believe letting users engage their friends and family circle through [Stream Nation] will recreate the same freedoms in the digital world that they have in the physical world, in a more convenient way.”

Stream Nation offers multiple subscription plans. The free version of the service has a limit of 10 GB of storage, while $4, $9, $14, and $19 a month unlocks 100 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and unlimited storage, respectively.

The Stream Nation app is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. Check back soon to track the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.