ClipUp’s Visual Task Management Platform Goes Free on iOS

After releasing its app as a paid product earlier this year, the folks behind the ClipUp visual task management app have had a “major change of heart,” deciding that all users should have access to the app for free. As such, the team has released a new, free version of the app on iOS devices. The ClipUp platform allows users to organize their notes, ideas, photos and other items into boards for easy future reference, with this version allowing users to have two free boards at once.

screenshot 1Like Pinterest, these boards can contain images for designing the ideal space, inspiration images for crafts and hobbies, and so on. But instead of heavily relying on content created by other users on the Internet, boards here are created using personal photos, videos, text files and notes, audio recordings, location markers and URLs (these load via an in-app browser).

For a real-world use case, let’s imagine you’re planning a party. The “party-planning” board could then contain pictures of, and text recipes for food you’ll serve at the party, as well as reminders about who to invite, a list of songs to play during the event, the address of the table rental company, and so on. If users feel the need, they can save third-party images to their camera roll, and import those as inspirations for the event as well (say, a picture of a fun table-setting).

Whatever the reason for their creation, boards can be deleted in one tap if they’re no longer needed. Plus, many individual board elements, like websites and photos, can be shared with others via Facebook, Twitter, email or text (say, when you want to share a recipe with another person who’s coming to that party). Finally, reminders can be attached to boards, notifying users when it’s time to complete a task.

While ClipUp is available as a separate free app on iOS, the paid version (offering unlimited boards) is still available for purchase for $4.99. It should be noted the app’s price has fluctuated frequently since its launch in July 2014, so this might drop again in the future.