Clipless shopping app uses geolocation to bring deals to Android users

Image via Clipless

Mobile shopping app Clipless aims to bring discounts to Android users wherever they are, collecting discounts and coupons from over 2,000 different sources and alerting users when they are in close proximity to one of those deals.

The Android app contains a proprietary algorithm that collects deals from both smaller and larger outlets, including Yelp, Foursquare, Amazon, Groupon and Living Social, as well as traditional coupon aggregators like 8Coupons.

The app allows users to be automatically notified when shopping near a location with a deal, while also supporting a search field for users looking for a specific kind of discount or coupon. Users can also simply navigate a map view of their location, which highlights deals as destinations on the map.

Clipless was designed to use minimal battery power so users can keep the app continuously running in the background of their device as they travel from one location to the next throughout the day.

“We want to help people save money without them having to do the work. Clipless makes that possible by continuously searching, aggregating, sorting, ranking, and delivering deals to users wherever they currently are or wherever they are planning to go,” said Michael Barnathan, CEO and founder of Clipless, and former Google engineer, via a company statement. “When designing Clipless, our goal was to create an app that works with people’s lives, so that they are proactively being delivered deals when and where they need them most.”

The Clipless app is now available on Android devices running Gingerbread or higher. The app is expected to launch on iOS sometime this fall.