Cleveland Indians Minor League Team Holds ‘Brian Williams Pants on Fire’ Night

Brian Williams. Liar, Liar.

Brian Williams Pants On Fire
Photo Credit: WEWS-5 (ABC, Cleveland)

Poor Brian Williams. Poor dunderhead, forked-tongued “misrememberer” Brian Williams.

Life wasn’t cool enough being NBC News’ managing editor, lead anchor, and chief bottle washer. He just had to increase the “I’m better than you” factor with each passing year until it finally all caught up to him. He’s gone, no one trusts him, but he will return...maybe.

Journalism has turned its back on him, talk shows make fun of him, and our own readers want to see him go down in flames. But baseball would like to honor him. Wait, what?!

The Akron RubberDucks, the Cleveland Indians minor league, Double-A affiliate, is holding the first-ever “Brian Williams ‘Pants on Fire’” night. You know, for the fans.

This stunt had some surprising inspiration:

“Monday, April 27 is national ‘Tell a Story Day’ and we could not think of a better storyteller,” said RubberDucks General Manager Jim Pfander. “We thought this would be a fun, tongue-in-cheek night for our fans.”

For your sporting pleasure, consider the following:

  • First 100 fans will receive a pair of suspenders upon entering Canal Park
  • On-field contests, including “To Tell the Truth” and “Two Truths & a Brian Williams,” also known as “Two Truths and a Lie”
  • In honor of National Tell a Story Day, a fan named Brian Williams will read tall tales
  • A between-inning chance for fans to audition to be the next television news anchor on the video board, with the fan-voted winner’s video sent to NBC
  • A pair of pants from Brian Williams will be burned in a “pants on fire” ceremony
  • Any fan in attendance named Brian Williams will have a chance to throw out a ceremonial first pitch 

If there is an out-of-work former NBC News publicist out there, we think Williams should throw out the first pitch.

Possible #PRWin to be had there.