Clearwire May Delay WiMAX Deployment: Report

Reuters is reporting that Clearwire Corp may build its high-speed WiMAX wireless network more slowly than originally planned if credit markets do not improve by early 2010, CEO Benjamin Wolff said on Monday.

The report said that even after Clearwire received more than $3.2 billion from Intel, Comcast, Google, and Time Warner, they may still need at least another $2 billion to keep going.

“If we could raise money in the middle of next year, end of next year, even early 2010 that would be plenty of time to continue on the pace we talked about before,” Wolff said in the article. “If we build more slowly, it causes the funding gap to come down… We’re competitively in a very good space. I don’t feel like we have to get the company in a situation of needing to raise capital prematurely given this market environment.”